Here is the list of activities we have tested with our two boys. Some activities are only for the smallest tots but majority are for all range of ages and even parents might or even have to join. If you would like to know more or have a specific question just give us a call or drop us a message.

Go Sledging

This is literally 30 minutes of exhilarating sledging on a grassy slope. It is aimed at the children age 5 and over, but even younger ones can go.  In fact, younger children are lighter in weight and therefore not going so fast – which in my eyes is a plus point. Heavier you are faster you go. The children receive a helmet, knee and elbow protective pads and a short but concise safety instructions…. and off they go!!!

Clip 'n Climb

When it is a bit rainier and windier than usual, we would recommend to take your children to Edinburgh International Climbing Arena. The centre does not just have a super climbing and bouldering walls but Clip ‘n Climb section which is suitable for the children from the age of 5. Even if you or your children never climbed before you, don’t worry,  It is suitable for the beginners. Booking ahead is essential.


Cheswick Beach is our children’s favourite. It is very easy to get to, there is usually enough space to park and the journey from the car park to the actual beach is straightforward and not too long either. However, there are numerous beautiful sandy beaches around Berwick upon Tweed with stunning views and cold blue waters which do not seem deter young ones from putting their feet in. In the case of  Cheswick Beach, there are quite sizeable sand dunes which my children love to climb and roll or run or slide or ‘whatever they fancy that moment’ down. Other beaches: Spittal Beach, Scremerston Beach, Goswick Beach

Gordon Community Woodland

Gordon Community Woodland is just 5 minutes drive from Greenlaw towards Gordon village on A6105. This large community woodland of over 200 acres has a pond, a cabin, a river, old burial mounds and a disused railway line as well as lots of trees. It is criss-crossed by well trodden paths and definitely favoured by dog walkers. You can spend as little or as long in this friendly woodland.

The Eildons - Melrose

The three shapely summits of the Eildon Hills are an iconic part of the Scottish Borders landscape They make for a fine half-day hillwalk from the attractive town of Melrose. The views from their tops are stunning allowing the observer on a clear day to look out to the Lammermuirs, Moorfoots and Upper Tweeddale Hills. This hike/walk has steep sections so be ready. It can take up to 3-4 hours to tackle all 3 hills and it can be incredibly muddy.

The Cheviots - Kirk Yetholm

The Cheviots are only 30 minutes away from Greenlaw and are famous for hill walking. These beautiful rolling hills run between Northumberland and Scottish Borders. ‘The Cheviot’ is the highest point in the Northumberland National Park at 815 metres. When compared with the Pennines these hills appear low but no less spectacular. Definitely a worthwhile visit at any time of the year.