‘Born in the Borders is an extraordinary new visitor centre located next to the Scottish Borders Brewery. Set on the banks of the River Teviot, it brings together the best of everything that is grown, made, spun, produced, cooked and created in the area’

This is a quote from Born In The Borders website page and it is absolutely true. We have visited the centre on quite a few occasions and have never been disappointed. The food has always been great with little tasty twists and the delicious looking cakes are to die for (or die from due to overeating). The River Teviot is perfect for dog walks and there is also a multi-award winning microbrewery creating real ale using barley grown in the neighbouring fields.

Our biggest and unexpected surprise at our last lunch visit with our two very active children was ‘Sledging’ or ‘Go Grass Sledging’. It is literally 30 minutes of exhilarating sledging on a grassy slope. It is aimed at the children age 5 and over, but our 3 ½ years old one has gone too and managed absolutely perfectly. In fact, because he was very light in weight he actually was not going too fast – which in my eyes is a plus point. Heavier you are faster you go – and for that reason don’t go after the cakes!

The children receive a helmet, knee and elbow protective pads and a short but concise safety instructions…. and off they go!!! Half an hour later, we are all happy and exhausted. The children enjoyed themselves tremendously, it was something different and mummy and daddy managed to do their half of their 10 000 steps per day goal.

If you want to have a taste of local food made from local produce, washed down with a local beer followed by a walk by the local river then Born in the Borders is a perfect place for you. For more information and details, please visit:

http://www.bornintheborders.com   We advice you to book your ‘Go Sledging’ session prior to your visit.