Although it is the beginning of June I would love to share some of the beautiful aspects that the County of Berwickshire can offer in May. The month of May is just incredibly yellow, nearly overpowering so and I nearly find it a challenge to my eyesight when surrounded by the vast, almost luminescent yellow rapeseed fields and gorse bushes at the height of their flowering.

And not just the sight but the smell also. When you walk along the gorse bushes or you suddenly find yourself surrounded by them, and then you cannot fail to notice the incredible scent. When the temperature is just right – and with a little help of gentle breeze – you are hit by their heavy sweet scent with a hint of coconut. Yes coconut, strange and lovely.

Featured image: a path leading up to the Eildons; below left: rapeseed field by Hume; below right: little ones in the rapeseed field and loving it.